The Katnapper Story

We were lying in bed one evening when we heard our cats Paisley & Mitzy digging at the cloth under our box springs. When we got up to look under the bed, NO CATS IN SIGHT! After a closer look we found them both lying inside of our box springs like a hammock. I commented that I should make them a bed under there so they would stop going inside our box springs.

The Original Katnapper Prototype

In August 2011, I came up with the idea to design the hideaway bed that would be supported by the bed slats to mimic the hiding place that our cats made for themselves. I drew up some sketches and asked my Mother if she would mind sewing one together for me to try. Mom found an old bed sheet and we worked together to create a prototype to test. I took the bed home and installed it under our bed and introduced our cats to their new hiding place. As you can see, they could not deny their natural instincts! They LOVED it! I modified the design, bought some fabric and we created what is now known as the “Katnapper” Hideaway Bed.

We took the idea to a patent attorney and as of September 16, 2011 we filed our Design & Utility Patents and are now “Patent Pending”.

Thanks to Paisley & Mitzy for helping us to understand their need for a place to hide and have a little “ME”-ow time. We hope that your small pets will enjoy their Katnapper as much as ours do.


Mike & Cherie

Look at how much Paisley and Mitzy love their katnapper!

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